I’m living as an educated artist („Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart“) in two countries, Germany and The Netherlands, therefore it is not surprising that you find two addresses on my website in the „privacy policy“.

The earliest pieces of my collection are from my great-grandfather who was around 1900 in the time of the “Boxer Rebellion” in China. The fine examples he brought back from his travels gave our family an early insight in the historical significance of Chinese culture and reason to expand the collection.
However also hours of visits in Museums and good Auction houses, made me additional interested and specialized in collecting Oriental Ceramics.

Together with my life partner Anna I have built up a rich collection of Oriental Antiques of which I present a selection on this website and also offer some for sale.

I try to present everything as carefully and as fully described as possible. But if you have any further questions please send me an email and I will gladly explain, complete or send more photos if desired.

Thank you for your interest and for visiting my website!


My great-grandfather in China/Shanghai approximately 1900 (in the middle in front) in the time of the “Boxer Rebellion”. He was mariner and brought several interesting pieces back from China – the beginning of the „Collection Lauw“.