Yixing Teapots for Europe is a book published in 2000 by Patrice Valfré. It has been reprinted in 2015 by Mr Li, curator of The Hangzhou Museum. In this luxuous version, you will find an interesting additional chapter: “How identify Yixing MingTeapots”.

This book became a reference book on antique Chinese Yixing teapots produced for 500 years. In addition to his extensive historical research, Patrice Valfré lists more than 350 different antique teapots, ranging from 17th century to the present day.

These antique valuable Yixing teapots come from French, Belgian, English, Danish and Chinese private collections, as well as teapots kept in the main European museums such as the Guimet Museum, the Table Arts Museum at Belleperche Abbey Museum in France, the British Museum and the V & A Museum, London, the Royal Museum of Art & History of Brussels, the Zwinger Museum of Dresden and the Copenhagen Royal collection…

Text in Chinese and English
269 pages with illustrations and maps
Hardback 29 x 22cms
ISBN: 9787550815971

Price: 150 Euro + shipping cost (for Europe 21,50 Euro | for other countries please ask)

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