19th C. Yixing Teapot – Bamboo

Antique Chinese Zisha Ware, 19th Century – Marked “yi xing zi sha”
Great decorated with bamboo relief all over and Yin & Yang Symbol at the cover.Two times marked, one time inside the cover and second time on the bottom with “yi xing zi sha” (purple sand of yixing).
Condition: some chips at the lid, bigger chip at the upper side of the teapot, some wear. Anyway a rare collector piece.

The same you can see at Christie’s auction: Sale 5497 | 14 May 2010 | Lot 518 | YIXING TEAPOT 18TH/19TH CENTURY

A similar teapot is illustrated in the book “Yixing Teapots for Europe” by Patrice Valfré.

Height: ca. 10 cm
Length: ca. 18,5 cm

Euro 450.-

16th/17th C. Sawankhalok Oil Jar

Rare Sawankhalok Celadon Oil Jar with rounded sides of great shape
Large Sawankhalok Jar with crackeled celadon glaze and two handles, 16th/17th Century.
Excellent condition – old chip at the mouth – further only the typical traces of production (glaze error) and age.

Height: ca. 16 cm

Euro 430.-

Ming 14th/15th C. Bowl – Craquele

Rare Crackled Glaze Bowl, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), 14th/15th Century
Bowl from good shape in greenish brown color of crackled glaze with relief of a lotus flower inside.
Condition: 2 old restorations at rim, 2 chips – further only the typical traces of production and use.
A rare collectors piece, hard to find!

Diameter: ca. 16 cm

Euro 450.-

Jianyao Song Bowl – Hare’s Fur

Rare Chinese Jianyao Bowl – Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)
The bowl is covered inside with a lustrous blackish-brown glaze finely streaked with russet ‘hare’s fur’ markings flowing from the russet band below the rim.
Black tea bowls, in contrast to the celadon vessels of the earlier Tang dynasty, became fashionable and were made at a number of kilns in northern and southern China, including the Jian kilns of Fujian.

A similar bowl you can see at Christie’s Auction: Sale 14608 | The Pavilion Sale – Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art | 4 April 2017,  Hong Kong

Perfect condition – only the typical traces of production (glaze error inside) and use.

Diameter: ca. 12 cm
Height: ca. 7 cm

Euro 2000.-

Small Song Dynasty Brush Washer

Antique Chinese Ceramic Brushwasher, Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)
Nice small brush washer made in great shape!
Very good condition – one chip at rim, further only the typical traces of production and use – see photos.

Diameter: ca. 6,5 cm
Height: ca. 3,5 cm

Euro 120.-

Tang Dynasty Bowl – Pale Whitish

Extremelly rare whitish Bowl – Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Bowl with rounded sides forming a continuous concave surface on the interior, standing on a solid ring foot, with a clear glaze of pale whitish tint inside and outside. White porcelain bowls of this classic early form were made at both the Xing and Ding kilns in Hebei. This example shows all the characteristics of Ding ware. Tang Dynasty (618-907).
Perfect condition.

Diameter: ca. 19 cm
Height: ca. 5,5 cm

Euro 3500.-

Ming 14th/15th C. Charger – Craquele

Very rare Crackled Glaze Dish, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), 14th/15th Century
Heavy dish in golden brown color with a wavy rim.
Very good condition – 2 old restorations at rim (one is only to see from behind) – further only the typical traces of production and use – see photos.
Extremely rare collectors piece, hard to find!
Provenance: dutch auction house

Diameter: ca. 25,5 cm
Height: ca. 5,0 cm

Euro 1200.-

Jianyao Song Bowl – Bronze Streaks

Extremly Rare Chinese Jianyao Bowl – Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)
The bowl is inside and outside with a lustrous blackish-brown glaze of strong streaks covered, imitating bronze.
Perfect condition – only the typical traces of production and use.

A similar bowl you can see here: http://www.alaintruong.com/archives/2015/05/17/32072367.html

Diameter: ca. 120 mm
Height: ca. 65 mm

Euro 2500.-

Yixing Teapot – Zisha Ware

Fine and rare chinese Zisha ware, 20th Century – two impressed marks
Mark: Wang Yinxian (*1943) (has the high state title of gongyi meishu dashi – “Master of Art and Design”).
Excellent condition, one small chip at lid rim.

Length: ca. 160 mm
Depht: ca. 110 mm
Height: ca. 75 mm

Euro 750.-

Chenghua Dragon Vase – Blanc de Chine

Extremely rare chinese Porcelain Vase, Chenghua Mark and possible Period (1465-1487)
Small vase with finely incising lined five-claw dragon decoration in copper oxide (turns greenish) underglaze. The pear-shaped body raised on a spreading foot and surmounted by a slender neck rising to a flared mouth. The technic of Copper oxide underglaze was first used from the Changsha potters in the Late Tang/5 Dynasties period.
Excellent condition, some frits at rim, further only the typical traces of production and of the age – please see photos.

Height: ca. 140 mm

Euro 1000.-

18th C Seal Paste Plate – Blanc de Chine

Unusual molded Blanc de Chine Shuangxi-Marked Seal Paste Plate, 18th Century
“Shuangxi”: double or wedded joy – linked xi characters symbolising marital harmony. 18th C., possible Kangxi Period (1662-1722)
Very good condition: on the back it looks as if there would be a chip but is probably of the production and not to see from the front side – see photos.

Provenance: “Nagel Auktionen” – Asian Art, 722, Juny 5th-6th 2015: Book II – Lot 975

Diameter: ca. 80 mm

Euro 500.-