14th/16th C. Kalong Ware Bowl – Floral

Rare Sukhothai Kalong Ware Bowl of great shape – 14th-16th Century
Large bowl with an underglaze black decoration shows a dark brown design of abstract floral pattern.
Perfect condition: only the typical traces of production and age.

Diameter: ca. 21,5 cm

16th/17th C. Sawankhalok Oil Jar

Rare Sawankhalok Celadon Oil Jar with rounded sides of great shape
Large Sawankhalok Jar with crackeled celadon glaze and two handles, 16th/17th Century.
Excellent condition – old chip at the mouth – further only the typical traces of production (glaze error) and age.

Height: ca. 16 cm

Euro 450.-

14th C. Sukhothai Oil Jar – Ribbed

Rare Sukhothai Celadon Oil Jar with ribbed rounded sides of great shape
Made during the Era of Sukhothai in the kilns at Si Satchanalai in the 14th century. The ribbed jars are an uncommon shape and were used normally for coconut oil.
Perfect condition – only the typical traces of production.

Height: ca. 70 mm

19th C. Bronze Buddha – gilded

Gilded Seated Buddha, 19th Century, Rattanakosin Period (1782–1932), Thailand
Gilded bronze Buddha seated in the half-lotus posture, signifying meditation, with both hands in his lap. Thailand, Rattanakosin Period, 19th century.
Very good condition – only some gold lost in couse of use.

Height: 135 mm