19th C. Yixing Brush Washer – Chilong

Small antique chinese Yixing Brush Washer, 19th Century
Low round brush washer with Chilong on two sides, lion head on one side; decorated with enamel green-turquoise colour on the interior and base.
Condition: one chip at the lip, some wear – further only the typical traces of production and age.

Diameter: ca. 9,5 cm

Euro 200.-

Fencai Brush Washer – Birds & Poem

Extremely Fine Chinese Porcelain Brush Washer, 20th Century
Beautifully hand-painted Famille Rose Brush Washer (or Vase), Fencai. Birds, flowers and calligraphy in fine art. Qianlong Mark, artist’s signature, middle/second half 20th Century.
Perfect condition (little traces of use) – see photos.

Diameter: ca. 14 cm
Height: ca. 9 cm

Euro 450.-

Guangxu Cloisonne Brush Washer – Dragon

Large chinese Cloisonne Enamel Brush Washer, Guangxu Period (1875-1908)
Inside fine decorated with a five-claws dragon – two dragons outside the bowl are chasing a flaming pearl. Marked “da ming nian zao”.
Perfect condition – only the traces of production and use.

Diameter: ca. 20 cm
Height: ca. 6 cm
Weight: ca. 900 gr

Euro 300.-

Small Song Dynasty Brush Washer

Antique Chinese Ceramic Brushwasher, Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)
Nice small brush washer made in great shape!
Very good condition – one chip at rim, further only the typical traces of production and use – see photos.

Diameter: ca. 6,5 cm
Height: ca. 3,5 cm

Euro 120.-

19th C. Brush Washer – Dragon

Small chinese Porcelain Brush Washer, Fencai, 19th Century – Qianglong Mark
Extremely rare famille rose brushwasher, dacorated with dragon and clouds. Red handpainted Qianlong Mark on the base.
Provenance: from a dutch collector who bought it 1974, see handwritten paper with old photo.
Perfect condition, only typical traces of production and of the age.

Diameter: ca. 8,5 cm

Euro 2500.-

Ming Bowl – Gold Repair

Unusual Antique Chinese Early Ming Dynasty, Porcelain Bowl (Brush Washer) with Gold Repair
Jiajing Period or earlier. With inward going rim – inside ‘kiln support marks’ (Qingbai). Unusual piece!
Excellent condition, restorated with Pure Gold (a tiny piece missing)!

Diameter: 160 mm

Jiaqing Brush Washer

Rare antique chinese Porcelain Brush Washer – Jiaqing Period (1796-1820)
Fine decorated with landscape and people in underglaze cobalt-oxide blue.
Excellent condition, only the typical traces of production.

Hight: 45 mm