Small Meiping Vase – 5 Dragons

A fine chinese Meiping Vase, Kangxi Mark, Guangxu Period (1875-1908)
Small vase of slender form with the steeply rounded shoulder tapering gently to a broad ring foot inset from the slightly bulbous base, superbly painted in underglaze-blue. Five dragons are chasing flaming pearls. Kangxi 6 Character Mark in cobalt-blue underglaze.
Condition: one chip on the mouth. Further only the typical traces of production and use.

Height: ca. 8,5 cm

Qianlong Mark & Period Vase – Dragons

Small antique chinese Vase, Qianlong Mark & Period (1736-1795)
Good shaped and finely painted porcelain vase with brilliant underglaze blue decoration of two Dragons and flowers. On the base the 4-Character Mark Qianlong and of the Period. Dragons with dotted scale armor are mostly from the 19th century – but there are also examples in the Kangxi period.
Perfect condition –  only the typical traces of production and age.

! For Qianlong 4-Character Mark and of the Period please have a look in the British Museum: Museum number PDF,B.678 | Qianlong Period | Four-character Qianlong mark in underglaze blue on the base

Height: ca. 13 cm

19th C. Cloisonne Vase – Floral

Fine decorated chinese Cloisonne Enamel Vase, early 19th Century
Excellent condition – one small damage (photo 3), further only the typical traces of production and use.

Height: ca. 25 cm


Chenghua Dragon Vase – Blanc de Chine

Extremely rare chinese Porcelain Vase – Chenghua Mark and possible Period (1465-1487)
Small vase with finely incising lined five-claw dragon decoration in copper oxide (turns greenish) underglaze. The pear-shaped body raised on a spreading foot and surmounted by a slender neck rising to a flared mouth. The technic of Copper oxide underglaze was first used from the Changsha potters in the Late Tang/5 Dynasties period.
Excellent condition, some frits at rim, further only the typical traces of production and of the age – please see photos.

Height: ca. 140 mm

19th C. Vase – Dragons

Rare antique blue & white chinese Vase, 19th Century – Dragons
Beautiful and superb decorated with two dragons in underglaze cobalt-oxide blue.
Excellent condition, one glazeline close to rim – further no cracks, hairlines or restorations. Only the typical traces of production.

Height: ca. 135 mm


Yongzheng Saucer – Flowers

Rare Chinese Porcelain Saucer, Yongzheng Period (1723-1735)
Very fine chinese porcelain saucer, beautiful and rich decorated with flower motifs.
Perfect condition – no chips, cracks, hairlines or restorations. A rare collectors Piece!

Diameter: ca. 110 mm
Hight: ca. 28 mm


Yongzheng Cup & Saucer – Dragon

Very rare chinese Porcelain Dragon Cup & Saucer, Yongzheng Period (1723-1735)
The dragon is very fine painted in iron red, black and gold – clouds flying around and make the szenery very expressive. Two superb pieces!

Saucer: hairline
Diameter: 110 mm
Height: 25 mm

Cup: one hairline (barely visible)
Diameter: 67 mm
Height: 40 mm

Euro 450.-

Guangxu Cloisonne Vase – Dragons

Chinese Antique Cloisonne Enamel Vase, Guangxu Period (1875-1908)
Beautiful chinese polychrome Cloisonné Vase with two dragons are chasing a flaming pearl decor. Late Guangxu Period.
Excellent condition – a few small damages, further only the traces of production and use. Please see photos.

Height: ca. 22,5 cm

Euro 120.-