Jiaqing Small Snuff Dish – Phoenix

Rare small chinese Porcelain Snuff Dish, Jiaqing Mark and Period (1796-1820)
A very fine and rare chinese porcelain dish, beautiful and rich decorated in blue and white underglaze. In the medallion a phoenix and around a wonderful finely painted landscape, houses and fisher man. The four-character mark is handpainted and underglaze.
Perfect condition, only the typical traces of production – no chips, cracks, hairlines or restorations.

Diameter: 68 mm
Height: 24 mm

Euro 350.-

Qianlong Plate – Phoenix

Big Chinese Porcelain Plate, Qianlong Period (1736-1795) – Phoenix, landscape, floral motif
A very fine chinese porcelain plate, beautiful and attractive decorated with landscape motif, phoenix, palm tree, flowers, house –  painted finely in cobalt blue oxide underglaze.
Excellent condition, just minimal frits at the rim, a fine galzeline (barely visible). Further no chips, cracks, hairlines or restorations – see photos

Diameter: ca. 285 mm