Late 19th C. Yixing Enameled Teapot – Bird

Small chinese Zisha Ware Teapot,  Guangxu Period (1875-1908)
Nice decorated with bird on a blooming tree in enamel technique on yixing ceramic. Marked “yi xing zi sha” (purple sand of yixing).
Very good condition, some wear – no chips, hairlines, cracks or restorations.

Similar teapots are illustrated in the book “Yixing Teapots for Europe” by Patrice Valfré.

Height: ca. 7,5 cm
Length: ca. 11 cm


19th C. Yixing Teapot – Bamboo

Antique Chinese Zisha Ware, 19th Century – Marked “yi xing zi sha”
Great decorated with bamboo relief all over and Yin & Yang Symbol at the cover.Two times marked, one time inside the cover and second time on the bottom with “yi xing zi sha” (purple sand of yixing).
Condition: some chips at the lid, bigger chip at the upper side of the teapot, some wear. Anyway a rare collector piece.

The same you can see at Christie’s auction: Sale 5497 | 14 May 2010 | Lot 518 | YIXING TEAPOT 18TH/19TH CENTURY

A similar teapot is illustrated in the book “Yixing Teapots for Europe” by Patrice Valfré.

Height: ca. 10 cm
Length: ca. 18,5 cm

Euro 450.-

19th C. Yixing Teapot – Zisha Ware

Fine and rare Yixing tea pot from the 19th Century, ca. Daoguang Period
Condition: handle at the lid is glued, some wear. No chips, cracks, hairlines or restorations. A fine collector piece!

A similar you can see in the British Museum – Museum number: Franks.2481 | Date: 1801-1850

Height: ca. 11,5 cm (with lid)


Late 19th C. Enameled Yixing Teapot – Bird

Rare chinese Zisha ware, late 19th Century – Guangxu Period (1875-1908)
Nice decorated with bird on a blooming tree in enamel technique on yixing ceramic. Two times marked, “yixing zi sha”.
Good condition, one chip at the rim, some wear. A rare collector piece!

Height: ca. 14 cm


Yixing Teapot – Zisha Ware

Fine and rare chinese Zisha ware, 20th Century – two impressed marks
Mark: Wang Yinxian (*1943) (has the high state title of gongyi meishu dashi – “Master of Art and Design”).
Excellent condition, one small chip at lid rim.

Length: ca. 160 mm
Depht: ca. 110 mm
Height: ca. 75 mm

Euro 750.-

Qianlong Teapot “Amsterdam Bont” – Basket

Chinese Porcelain Teapot, Amsterdam Bont, Qianlong Period (1736-1795) – Flower-Basket
Very rare chinese porcelain tea pot, beautiful and rich decorated in many colours, “Amsterdam Bont”. Underglaze Blue painted in China – overdecorated in the Netherlands, 18th Century, Qianlong Period.
Almost perfect condition, just some frits – further no chips, cracks, hairlines or restorations, only the typical traces of production. A rare collectors piece!

Height: ca. 140 mm (with Lid)
Length: ca. 210 mm

19th C. Cadogan Wine Pot – Celadon

Very rare chinese Porcelain Celadon Cadogan, 19th Century, Quality!
The production of Cadogans dates back to the late 17th Century, Kangxi Period, and they have been made to use for wine, filled in from the bottom (Inside is an inverted funnel shaped tube. The wide part of the funnel is part of the base; the small opening is at the top.). That’s the reason why the cadogan needs no lid. Typically modelled as a peach with Copper red and Cobalt blue details. In later times England started to copy the system and used it for tea.
Perfect condition, can’t be better. A very rare collector piece!

Height: 145 mm
Length: 200 mm