17th C. Arabic Script Charger – Chrysanthemum

Chinese Porcelain Charger, late Ming to early Qing Dynasty – Arabic script
Extremely Rare shallow dish glazed in blue grey with painted decoration of stylised Arabic script, stylised Chrysanthemums and foliage. Found in the East African Sea and dated from the 17th Century, late Ming to early Qing Dynasty. Only a very little number of this dishes are known. (This type is not the same as the founds on the Desaru Shipwreck!)

The same charger is to see in the Maas Museum (Powerhouse Museum) Ultimo, NSW, Australia/ Object No. A2453: https://collection.maas.museum/object/174989

Condition: a part restorated

Diameter: ca. 26 cm

17th C. Transitional Wucai Caddy – Lotus

Rare and large chinese Famille Verte Caddy, Shunzhi Period (1644-1661)
Large Caddy, orange line border enclosing yellow, green and orange enameled flower and leaf scrolls. Shunzhi Period, Transitional, middle 17th Century.
Excellent condition, old chips at the rim of the lid, two at the rim inside of the caddy, glazeline inside – further only the typical traces of production.
Hard to find in this size and good condition!

Height: ca. 13,5 cm

17th C. Transitional Dish – Flowers

Rare chinese Porcelain Dish, Transitional, Shunzhi Period (1644-1661)
A fine and very rare chinese porcelain dish, beautiful decorated with flower motif. Painted in cobalt blue oxide underglaze. Double Ring Mark.
Very good condition: two small chips – further only the typical traces of production and use. See photos.

Diameter: ca. 15 cm
Height: ca. 3 cm

Large Transitional Bowl – Fishermen

Rare chinese Porcelain Bowl, Transitional, Shunzhi Period (1644-1661) – Chenghua Mark
A fine and very rare large chinese porcelain bowl, beautiful and rich decorated with two fishermen and water landscape motif outside. Painted in cobalt blue oxide underglaze.
Condition: a chip with long fine hairline, frits and an bigger error from production – further only the typical traces of production and use. Still a great piece!

Diameter: ca. 22 cm
Height: ca. 9 cm

Chongzhen Ming Plate – Hatcher Cargo

Perfect chinese Porcelain Plate, Ming Dynasty, Chongzhen (1628-1644) – Bird
Fine Plate/Charger with a bird on a rock as decoration, flowers around, painted in Underglaze Blue. The Hatcher Cargo was the first shipwreck cargo to come on to the market. It was sold in three auctions in Christie’s Amsterdam in 1984 and 1985.
Perfect condition, only the typical traces of production and of the age.

Diameter: ca. 270 mm
Height: ca. 45 mm