Late 19th C. Yixing Enameled Teapot – Bird

Small chinese Zisha Ware Teapot,  Guangxu Period (1875-1908)
Nice decorated with bird on a blooming tree in enamel technique on yixing ceramic. Marked “yi xing zi sha” (purple sand of yixing).
Very good condition, some wear – no chips, hairlines, cracks or restorations.

Height: ca. 7,5 cm
Length: ca. 11 cm

19th C. Yixing Teapot – Bamboo

Antique Chinese Zisha Ware, 19th Century – Marked “yi xing zi sha”
Great decorated with bamboo relief all over and Yin & Yang Symbol at the cover.Two times marked, one time inside the cover and second time on the bottom with “yi xing zi sha” (purple sand of yixing).
Condition: some chips at the lid, bigger chip at the upper side of the teapot, some wear. Anyway a rare collector piece.

The same you can see at Christie’s auction: Sale 5497 | 14 May 2010 | Lot 518 | YIXING TEAPOT 18TH/19TH CENTURY

Height: ca. 10 cm
Length: ca. 18,5 cm

19th C. Yixing Teapot – Zisha Ware

Fine and rare Yixing tea pot from the 19th Century, ca. Daoguang Period
Condition: handle at the lid is glued, some wear. No chips, cracks, hairlines or restorations. A fine collector piece!

A similar you can see in the British Museum – Museum number: Franks.2481 | Date: 1801-1850

Height: ca. 11,5 cm (with lid)


Late 19th C. Enameled Yixing Teapot – Bird

Rare chinese Zisha ware, late 19th Century – Guangxu Period (1875-1908)
Nice decorated with bird on a blooming tree in enamel technique on yixing ceramic. Two times marked, “yixing zi sha”.
Good condition, one chip at the rim, some wear. A rare collector piece!

Height: ca. 14 cm


Yixing Teapot – Zisha Ware

Fine and rare chinese Zisha ware, 20th Century – two impressed marks
Mark: Wang Yinxian (*1943) (has the high state title of gongyi meishu dashi – “Master of Art and Design”).
Excellent condition, one small chip at lid rim.

Length: ca. 160 mm
Depht: ca. 110 mm
Height: ca. 75 mm