Late 19th C. Yixing Enameled Teapot – Bird

Small chinese Zisha Ware Teapot,  Guangxu Period (1875-1908)
Nice decorated with bird on a blooming tree in enamel technique on yixing ceramic. Marked “yi xing zi sha” (purple sand of yixing).
Very good condition, some wear – no chips, hairlines, cracks or restorations.

Similar teapots are illustrated in the book “Yixing Teapots for Europe” by Patrice Valfré.

Height: ca. 7,5 cm
Length: ca. 11 cm


19th C. Famille Rose Figure – Lady

Fine chinese famille rose Porcelain Figure, 19th Century
Figure of a lady, painted in overglaze enamels in the famille rose palette. Thick use of enamel, surface elaborately decorated. On matching bronze stand.
Excellent condition: one small damage, see last photo.

Height: ca. 23 cm (with stand)


Late 19th C. Enameled Yixing Teapot – Bird

Rare chinese Zisha ware, late 19th Century – Guangxu Period (1875-1908)
Nice decorated with bird on a blooming tree in enamel technique on yixing ceramic. Two times marked, “yixing zi sha”.
Good condition, one chip at the rim, some wear. A rare collector piece!

Height: ca. 14 cm


19th C. Large Fencai Bowl – Baragon Tumed

Large chinese Porcelain Bowl, Guangxu Period (1875-1908) – Baragon Tumed Mark
Baragon Tumed porcelain pieces have been made at the Imperial factories at Jingdezhen as part of a service commissioned to celebrate the marriage of one of the daughters of the Daoguang Emperor (1821-1850) to a Mongolian prince in 1842. Pieces from this service bear the two-character Mongolian name of the prince, who belonged to the Tumed clan.
Baragon Tumed Mark, but late 19th Century.
Perfect condition: only the typical traces of production – see photos.

Diameter: ca. 18 cm
Height: ca. 9 cm

Celadon CONG Vase – Relief

Rare chinese Celadon CONG Porcelain Vase, Relief, 19th/20th Century
Excellent condition, the vase is not quite straight – further only the typical traces of production and of the age.

Height: ca. 27 cm


Large Gu Vase – Landscape

Fine antique chinese blue & white Gu-Vase, 19th Century
Perfect large porcelain vase painted finely in underglaze blue, attractive decorated with people in an urban landscape. Kangxi double circle marked, late 19th Century.
Perfect condition – only the typical traces of production and use, see photos.

Height: ca. 42,5 cm

Euro 1600.-

19th C. Powder-Blue Vase+Cover – Gilt

Large Chinese Porcelain Powder-Blue Vase + Cover 19thC – Kangxi Mark
A large and almost perfect Chinese porcelain powder-blue and gilt vase with cover, attractive decorated with a large panel in which is a kid and two chinese lady’s painted in many colors. The other panel is decorated with two lady’s and floral design. Finely painted!
Excellent condition, some frits at footrim, some wear – further no chips, cracks, hairlines or restorations – see photos.

Height: 340 mm (with lid)


19th C. Vase – Dragons

Rare antique blue & white chinese Vase, 19th Century – Dragons
Beautiful and superb decorated with two dragons in underglaze cobalt-oxide blue.
Excellent condition, one glazeline close to rim – further no cracks, hairlines or restorations. Only the typical traces of production.

Height: ca. 135 mm


Guangxu Dragon Dish – Scallop Rim

Two very rare yellow and green-glazed scallop-rimmed dragon dishes – Guangxu Mark&Period
With foliate rims, painted and incised to the sides of the body in green with scaled Dragons chasing flaming pearls below the double black line of the rim, a coiled dragon to the central roundel, Guangxu black six-character mark to the base and of the period.
1x perfect condition | 1x short glaze line.
Two rare collector Pieces.

Diameter: ca. 135 mm
Height: ca. 25 mm

Both dishes are illustrated in the catalog: “Nagel Auktionen” – Asian Art, 722, Juny 5th-6th 2015: Book IV – Lot 1977


Large Famille Rose Plate

Wonderful antique chinese famille rose plate/charger, 19th Century – Yongzheng Mark
The dish is fantastic painted in many colors, richly decorated with flowers and birds.
Perfect condition! A rare collector piece.

Diameter: ca. 493 mm ~ 19,4 inches !
Height: ca. 115 mm ~ 4,5 inches


19th C. Cadogan Wine Pot – Celadon

Very rare chinese Porcelain Celadon Cadogan, 19th Century, Quality!
The production of Cadogans dates back to the late 17th Century, Kangxi Period, and they have been made to use for wine, filled in from the bottom (Inside is an inverted funnel shaped tube. The wide part of the funnel is part of the base; the small opening is at the top.). That’s the reason why the cadogan needs no lid. Typically modelled as a peach with Copper red and Cobalt blue details. In later times England started to copy the system and used it for tea.
Perfect condition, can’t be better. A very rare collector piece!

Height: 145 mm
Length: 200 mm


19th C. Vase – Monochrome Flambe

Superb Chinese Porcelain Monochrome Flambe Vase 19th Century
A superb and fine chinese porcelain monochrome flambe vase made in great shape, attractive decorated with beautiful red colours all over. Nice piece!

Perfect condition, no frits, chips, cracks, hairlines or restorations. Some craquele at the glaze caused by it’s age (see pictures).

Hight: 270 mm


19th/20th C. Celadon Bowl – “Twin Fish”

Superb perfect Celadon Bowl 19th/20th Century – “Twin Fish”
Excellent condition, 2 tiny chips on the foot rim.

Diameter: 210 mm

19th C. Cups – Floral

Two fine chinese porcelain cups, Kangxi marked, but 19th Century
Nice antique porcelain cups or small bowls, beautiful painted in brillant cobalt blue oxide underglaze.
Excellent condition – small nicks with glaze line, further only the typical traces of production. See photos.

Diameter: ca. 9,5 cm
Height: ca. 5,5 cm

Euro 150.-