Chinese 19th C. Fencai Bowl – Baragon Tumed

19th C. Large Fencai Bowl - Baragon Tumed

Large chinese Porcelain Bowl, Guangxu Period (1875-1908) – Baragon Tumed Mark
Baragon Tumed porcelain pieces have been made at the Imperial factories at Jingdezhen as part of a service commissioned to celebrate the marriage of one of the daughters of the Daoguang Emperor (1821-1850) to a Mongolian prince in 1842. Pieces from this service bear the two-character Mongolian name of the prince, who belonged to the Tumed clan.
Baragon Tumed Mark, but late 19th Century.
Perfect condition: only the typical traces of production – see photos.

Diameter: ca. 18 cm
Height: ca. 9 cm