Chinese Kangxi Period – Triple Gourd Vase

Kangxi Period - Triple Gourd Vase

Antique chinese blue & white Triple Gourd Vase, Kangxi Period (1662-1722)
Superb rare Triple Gourd Vase with extremely brilliant underglaze blue decoration of two flowerbaskets and „hundred treasures“ on clear white porcelain. The opening inside is not glazed suggesting that it originally had a lid. Painted in cobalt blue oxide underglaze in a shade of intense blue found only in select Kangxi blue and white wares. 17th Century, early Kangxi Period.

Excellent condition – one fine hairline on the mouth (barely visible with naked eye) with a horizontally crossing scratch (photo 5) and a small hairline at the foot rim (last photo). Further only the typical traces of production (small firing flaw) and use – see photos.

Height: ca. 22 cm