19th C. Chinese Sancai Vase – „Four Gentlemen“

19th C. Chinese Sancai Vase - "Four Gentlemen"

Large antique sancai glazed Vase, Qing Dynasty, 19th Century
Unusal chinese vase with „Four Gentlemen“ decoration in sancai glaze. The „Four Gentlemen“ or „Four Noble Ones“ is a collective term referring to four plants: the plum blossom, the orchid, the bamboo, and the chrysanthemum. They represent the four different seasons – the plum blossom for winter, the orchid for spring, the bamboo for summer, and the chrysanthemum for autumn.
Excellent condition: small firing error with hairline at the mouth – further only the typical traces of production (baking traces at stand ring) and use.

Height: ca. 29 cm

Euro 1300.-