Chinese Imperial Qianlong Snuff Bottle / Snuff-Jar

Imperial Qianlong Miniature Vase & Cover

Extremely Rare chinese Imperial Snuff-Jar, Qianlong Mark & Period (1736-1795)
Perfect shaped and finely painted porcelain snuff-jar with underglaze blue decoration of flowers and bird. On the base the imperial 6-Character Mark Qianlong and of the Period.
Excellent condition –  the snuff-jar is perfect, there are only a few chips at the cover. Further only the typical traces of production  and use.

! For a similar Snuff-Jar with Qianlong 4-Character Mark and of the Period please have a look in the British Museum: Museum number PDF,B.678 | Qianlong Period | Four-character Qianlong mark in underglaze blue on the base

Height: ca. 6 cm